Portable Scoreboards, Clocks and Timers

You don’t have to spend a fortune to own a professional-grade scoreboard. Our electronic, maintenance-free LED scoreboards come loaded with features you won't find on our competitor's more-expensive models. And we are very proud to say that all of our products are designed and built in the U.S.A.

Portable Scoreboards

Our Portable Scoreboards are available in several sizes with your choice of wireless or sit-behind control. Our multisport scoreboards feature a variety of operating modes to fit almost any sporting event. We also have baseball scoreboards and football scoreboards in several sizes. Click here for more details.

Game Room Scoreboard

We have a variety of Specialty Scoreboards to fit the needs of almost any scoring event. We have scoreboards for home recreation rooms and man caves, game show scoring systems, shot clocks for basketball, and more.
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Universal Event Timers

Our Count Up/Down Clocks-Timers have multiple modes of operation for counting up, down, or a combination of both. They include a full-function long-range wireless keypad and can be powered by batteries or optional AC adapter. Click here for more details.

Custom Scoreboards

Do you need a Custom Scoreboard or electronic sign? We can help. We can design custom displays that feature the size and functionality you need. Just give us a call and we will help you craft the perfect custom scoreboard. Click here to check out some of the unique scoreboards we've designed for our customers, and for more details on how to get started on your custom design.

Scoreboard Accessories

We have a wide variety of Scoreboard Accessories, including wrist-mounted remote controls, AC adapters, protective covers, pole mount adapter, and replacement remote controls. Click here for more details.

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Funtronix scoreboards are built in the USA

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