Ultra-Large Portable Wireless Baseball Scoreboard

Model SNT-800BB

Features Include:

  • Includes a full-function rechargeable wireless keypad control with neck strap and charger
  • 8-inch outdoor-readable scores,balls, strikes, and outs digits can be viewed at distances up to 400 feet
  • Displays team scores up to 99 points each
  • 6-inch full-digit inning display
  • Top/bottom of inning indicators
  • Built-in fold-out stand keeps the scoreboard upright on the ground
  • Includes a 12 Volt 7 amp rechargeable battery and charger
  • Size: 49" wide, 30" tall, and 2 1/2" deep (without battery attached)
  • Weighs approximately 24 pounds
  • 2-year limited warranty

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Scoreboard with Standard Wireless Keypad

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Scoreboard with Pro-Version LCD
Wireless Keypad

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