Ultra-Large Modular Scoreboard With Full-Function Wireless Control

Model SNT-1100M

It's the largest truly-portable scoreboard on the market that separates into two halves for easy portablility and storage.

Designed for Lacrosse, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, and much more.

Features Include:

  • Large 10-inch ultra-bright outdoor-readable digits with wide-angle LEDs that can be viewed at distances up to 500 feet
  • 5 different operating modes to support almost any sporting activity
  • Full-function wireless controller with LCD display and rechargeable battery
  • Game clock can be configured to count down or count up
  • Compatible with our Wrist-Mounted Wireless Keypad
  • Programmable short and long timeout functions
  • Displays team scores up to 199 points each
  • Full period digit allows up to 9 periods plus Halftime and Overtime
  • Possession arrows can be disabled if not needed
  • Save and recall functions allow your game to be saved and continued at a later date
  • Loud horn can be programmed to sound at the end of the period, whenever the clock is started or stopped, disabled, or on-command via keypad
  • Includes fold-out support legs to stand the scoreboard upright on the ground
  • Includes a 12 Volt 7 amp rechargeable battery and charger
  • Size (battery not attached):
    72 inches wide x 37 inches tall x 2 1/4 inches deep (assembled)
    36 inches wide x 37 inches tall x 5 inches deep (each section)
  • Weighs approximately 40 pounds (without battery attached)
  • 2-year limited warranty

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Funtronix scoreboards are built in the USA