Portable Scoreboards - Choose From Several Different Size Options

All of our portable scoreboards are loaded with features you won't find on our competitor's scoreboards. Most models include your choice of wireless or sit-behind LCD keypad controllers. Scroll down and click on the size scoreboard you're interested in for more information and pricing.

    Small Scoreboards Tabletop Scoreboards

    Choose from two different multisport scoreboards, a scores-only scoreboard, baseball scoreboard, shot clock system, or a game show scoring system. Prices start as low as $130.00. Click Here To Learn More

    Mid-Sized Scoreboards Mid-Sized Scoreboards

    Three models to choose from: Multisport, Football, and Baseball. For tabletop or floor use. Choose from wireless or sit-behind control. Prices start at $565.00.
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    Large Scoreboards Large Scoreboards

    Great for soccer, football, lacrosse, and more. 6-inch tall digits. Choose from two multisport models and wireless or sit-behind control. Prices start at $775.00.
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    Ultra-Large Scoreboards Ultra-Large Scoreboards

    Measures 49-inches wide by 30-inches tall with 8-inch tall clock and score digits. Choose from multisport, football, and baseball models. Two wireless keypad options.
    Prices start at $1820.00. Click Here To Learn More

    Modular Ultra-Large Scoreboard Ultra-Large Modular Scoreboard

    Our largest portable scoreboard measures 72-inches wide by 36-inches tall with 10-inch tall digits. Perfect for lacrosse, soccer, and football. Includes a wireless controller with LCD display. Model SNT-1100M. Price starts at $2745.00. Click Here To Learn More