Portable & Home Game Room Multisport Scoreboards

Models: SNT-50P, SNT-50W, and SNT-50G

Our line of ultra-affordable scoreboards is perfect for anyone playing basketball in the park, home or classroom games, man caves, volleyball, wrestling and martial arts tournaments, and much more.

Features common to all models:

  • Multi-colored LED display with low and high brightness settings for indoor and outdoor use
  • Scoreboard display can be viewed up to 75 feet away
  • 4 different operating modes include scores-only, clock-only, volleyball, and full scoreboard operation
  • Game clock can be set to count up or down, and is programmable from 5 seconds to 99 minutes
  • Score digits have yellow LEDs and scores up to 99 points per team
  • Green LEDs show up to 4 quarters of play
  • Measures approximately 12" x 6" x 3/4" and weighs less than 2 pounds
  • Buzzer sounds at the end-of-period
  • AC adapter/charger included
  • 2-year limited warranty

SNT-50P & SNT-50W models also include:

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Full-control buttons on the front of the scoreboard
  • Fold-out stand to keep the scoreboard upright on a table


  • The SNT-50G includes a real time of day alarm clock and a point-and-click wireless keypad
  • The SNT-50W includes a wrist-mounted wireless controller so you can be part of the activity while keeping score of your game

Funtronix scoreboards are built in the USA

Product appearance may vary slightly

Prices starting at $130.00

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