Mid-Sized Portable Scoreboards

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    SNT-340M Mid-Sized Portable Scoreboard Multisport Scoreboard

    Multiple operating modes. Indoor/outdoor viewable. Available with wireless keypad or sit-behind keypad control. Team fouls display can be disabled if not needed. Price starts at $595.00. Model SNT-344M. Click Here To Learn More

    SNT-300F Portable Football Scoreboard Football Scoreboard

    Includes displays for Downs and Yards-To-First-Down. Indoor/outdoor viewable. Can be purchased with a wireless keypad or sit-behind keypad. Price starts at $595.00.
    Model SNT-344F. Click Here To Learn More

    SNT-300BB Portable Baseball Scoreboard Baseball Scoreboard

    Includes displays for Balls, Strikes, and Outs. Indoor/outdoor viewable. Full-function wireless keypad included. Only $595.00. Model SNT-304BB. Click Here To Learn More